How to Join

How to join

we are currently not accepting new membership forms 

Membership Fees 2019/2020
Male & Lady Senior Member – Entrance Fee £60.00 (only payable 1st year of membership as long as membership is renewed every year) + Annual Subs £60.00 – (Total £120.00)
Intermediate member (under 19) – Entrance Fee £5.00 (only payable 1st year of membership as long as long as membership is renewed every year) + Annual Subs £15.00 – (Total £20.00 first year £15.00 every year)
Junior Member (under 16) – No Entrance Fee, Annual Subs £5.00 – (Total 5.00)
1) The total membership of the association shall not exceed 300 paying members
2) All persons shall be eligible for membership
3) Any person who wishes to become a member of the association must be proposed by one member and seconded by another who themselves must be a full member and of at least twelve months standing. They must submit an application in writing on the prescribed application form, in full (available from secretary or HERE)by signed by the applicant and proposer and seconded and returned to the secretary. Election to membership shall be in the discretion of the committee.
4) No more than three committee members to be absent at any meeting where membership application are being considered.
5) Three adverse votes serve as a rejection
6) If an application is rejected he shall be disqualified from further application for least twelve months.
7) Members shall be limited to proposing and seconding two applications in each year.
8) Any person accepted for membership shall be disqualified from holding office for a period of five years from the date of acceptance.
9) Any new members aged 65 or over and registered disabled anglers will be required to pay full membership fees annually for a period of ten years.
10) If you are joining the club for the first time you will need the security key to any locked gate on Association waters at a cost of £5.00. Please request this when buying your 2017 book
1) The annual subscription shall be fixed by the AGM following recommendation from the committee.
2) Successful applications will be required to pay a joining fee in addition to the annual subscription.
3) The annual subscription shall be due on the joining the Association and thereafter by the 16th Day of June each year.
4) A member shall cease to be a member if he/she gives in written notice to the secretary of their resignation
5) Member whose subscription is not paid by 16th day of June each year shall be deemed to have resigned
Application Forms can be obtained by writing to
Mr Keith Archer
40 The Hemplands
NG23 7PE
Tel 01636892573
(Please enclose stamped SAE for the reply) or it can be downloaded from here