Collingham Angling Association’s

Additional Guidance for Anglers - During lifting of restrictions.

Updated 17 May 2021   


As the lifting of restrictions progress and in line with government guidelines, the committee has agreed the following amendments to the association’s additional guidance.  That said however, the pandemic and COVID-19 is far from over and there is still a need for caution.  Many of our members may still feel a little anxious and it’s everyone’s wellbeing that must be taken into consideration.


Symptoms:  Anyone displaying any symptoms are not to enter onto any association waters.

  1. A persistent cough other than that previously known about due to a medical condition (e.g. Throat cancer / hay fever) that means you cough more than normal. (This can be any kind not just a dry cough)
  2. Shortness of breath (Other than that previously known about due to a medical condition.
  3. Breathing Difficulties (Other than that previously known about due to a medical condition.
  4. Fever (High temperature).
  5. Loss of taste or smell.

Please continue to take all precautions to avoid catching or spreading the virus:

  1. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow when you cough or sneeze.
  2. Place used tissues in a rubbish bag and remove off site with you.
  3. Use hand sanitizer, often.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth where possible.

Members who bring their families are reminded that they remain responsible for them and they must respect other member’s rights to maintain social distancing.       


The Fisheries Officer through the Chairman remains the authority within all association water at all times and will have the authority to amend or include any rule for the benefit and safety of the membership as he deems necessary.

Members are to adhere to all signage and the tampering, defacing, removal or moving of any sign will result in said member being expelled.  



Please follow any local or Government guidance.


The outside drinking water tap situated out the toilet block can again be used. The committee recommend that you take your own precautions and disinfect the tap prior to use.

The toilet facilities at Spalford will open and additional cleaning products will be available for cleaning.  Please remember that these facilities do not have a regular cleaning regime and users are responsible for cleaning after use, including removing any paper towels used

If these facilities are found to have been abused or left in an unclean state the fisheries officer will lock the facilities and place out of use without notification.

Social Distancing:

Please respect the right of members who wish to maintain social distancing and kept a minimum of 2 meters distance until being given their permission to do otherwise.  Walking around the complex to talk to other anglers or for general exercise is allowed but again please respect the rights of others anglers.

Sharing of equipment:

No further restrictions, however please keep yourself safe and we recommend that you disinfect where practical any items you wish to share.


Guests will again be allowed in accordance with the normal rules of the association.  

Parking along Donkey Bank:

The fisheries officer will continue to monitor the parking behind the pegs along the Donkey Bank. (Please allow enough room for other anglers to pass). Please observe any signs that may indicate otherwise.


The pandemic and COVID-19 is far from over and there is still a need for caution. New variants are cropping up all the time and the committee will continue to monitor the situation, government and angling trust guidance and will act accordantly in what they believe is in the best interest of all members.

Please be polite, Respect the wishes of members that wish to maintain social distance and keep fishing.

Your committee are committed to keeping the venues open and ensuring the all members are as safe as is reasonably practical, lastly thank you to all members for their understanding and patience to date.



Competition fishing on both Spalford lakes and the river (Match)


Fishing will be allowed from all pegs, peg spacing will be determined by the Match Secretary. In line with the normal association match guidelines.

Maximum number of anglers per match will be determined by the Match Secretary taking into account the government social distancing guidelines, any local restrictions placed on the association by the local authorities and any restrictions placed on him by the Chairman.   


The draw / booking in will continue in its current guise as a rolling raffle type draw and will be open between 0810 and 0830.

The draw / booking in will be conducted outside and in the area of the toilet block at Spalford complex and at the given location on the river.

Competitors are to drive up to the booking in table where they will be asked to pay the relevant pools into a collection bucket (Please bring correct money and where possible use bank notes).  This money will remain in the bucket until the next match. The club will provide a sanitised float for the pay-out.

Once booked in, you can draw your own peg and inform the match organiser who will record it. He will also appraise you of any additional information required and ask that you to drive directly to your peg.

Whist waiting to be called forward for the draw, anglers are requested to park along the left hand side of the road in an orderly manner. This will allow members that are not fishing in the match access along the road. 

You must book your place directly with the Match Secretary at least 36 hrs beforehand. (By Friday 9pm for a Sunday match)

Anybody not pre-booked will be refused entry

Please respect the right of others to social distance when parking your car and unloading your kit.

Match Timing / etiquette:

Match timing will be in line with the normal association match rules.

Weigh in:

The weigh in will continue to be organised to reduce the contact between the angler, his keepnets and weigh teams to the absolute minimum:

Please follow all instructions given by the weigh team and only approach the scales when asked to do so.  You will wherever possible be asked to place your own catch into the weigh bags.

Please do NOT follow the scales and respect the rights of those that wish to keep their social distance.



The results will be organised by the match secretary please follow his instruction.

Please respect the right of others to keep their social distance and please do not touch another angler’s equipment without their consent.

Collingham Angling Association is run entirely by volunteers has a constituted membership of 300 full fee paying members made up from seniors, juniors and Senior Citizens.
The success and growth of the association is a result of many hours of hard work and tireless effort by local anglers with a common interest.
The backbone being developed by residents in the village and surrounding area and support of local farmers.
The aim of our game is to promote fair angling and protect the country side, improve our skills to catch more fish and enjoy ourselves with fellow anglers !!
Our playground is the Tidal Trent below Cromwell weir and some of the local reclaimed gravel workings.
The Lower River Trent at Collingham was once the match angler’s Paradise. However, these days it’s the place to go if you want to bag up with barbel. Long gone are the days when you could “frame”with nets of roach and chub in a mixed bag or depend on the skimmers and slabs net. You can run a groove with a stick float and catch but not on a level playing field. Take your casters, maggots and hemp but boilies and pellets are a must.
Specimen hunters love the place, but so do plenty of ‘in the know’ pleasure anglers and match men, all of whom have barbel on the brain! Not to mention “catfish”
The Trent below Collingham weir is tidal and although the rise and fall of water twice per day is fairly slight and it is still noticeable but does vary in both time of the day and height. Viewing the fairly featureless stretch below the bubbling white water “the oven” of the weir pool is a daunting prospect. Think big and positive.
Temporary membership of the association for the Fleet and the Trent may be obtained by the purchase of a day ticket from the Bailiff on the bank or by the way of a match permit issued by the secretary in advance No temporary membership is available on the private pegs.
No person shall fish from the wall at Cromwell Weir.
River Trent Collingham from Cromwell weir downstream on east bank to Collingham Parish boundary,(approx. 305 pegs).Omitting a short stretch at Jolly barge.Acces Via Westfield Lane for Weir field or via Carlton ferry lane and road bridge,upsteam and downstream.
River Fleet-East bank for 2 fields, situated between Besthorpe and Girton.Access via Tinker Lane off A1133 Gainsbough Road.
Please note, however, that the Rivers Trent and also the Fleet are all still close by law for the traditional closed season.

The Honorary Secretary and Match Bookings

Mr Keith Archer

40 The Hemplands



Nottinghamshire NG237PE Tel 01636892573

Email  admin@collinghamaa.co.uk

  • Water available for temporary membership is on the lower Trent below Cromwell weir to Carlton ferry Lane, various access points via Collingham, just north of Newark and on the Fleet at Besthorpe village(Which is a river and closed season does apply on this water). Temporary membership issued for both by our own bailiffs on the bank at a cost of ₤5.00 per day and £5.00 per night.
  • Welcome to the new site! Hope you enjoy any feedback you have please send an email via the contact us form. Best wishes and tight lines!


Last year we had loads of rubbish dumped in car parks and on the banks please take it home with you

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