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Male & Lady Senior Member – Entrance Fee £60.00 (only payable 1st year of membership  as long as membership is renewed every year)

This year’s membership for existing members for 2022/2023 is £60.00
Intermediate member (under 19) – (membership is renewed every year) £5 entrance fee + Annual Fee £15.00 
Junior Member (under 16) – No Entrance Fee, Annual Fee £5.00 – (Total 5.00)

Cheque – Made Payable to Collingham A.A

BACS Transfer – Account              Collingham A.A

                                Sort Code            54-10-23

                                Acc No.                 05930049

                                Reference           “your initial and surname ”

Failure to add your name in the reference box will result in delays which we are not responsible for. Keith will match your payment to your SAE and send your book on.


Mr Keith Archer
40 The Hemplands
NG23 7PE
Tel 01636892573
(Please enclose stamped SAE for the reply)
It is your responsibility to check that Keith Archer as received your payment for renewal of your membership.

Changes to Rules

21 March 2022

Following the Annual General Meeting on Sunday 20 March 2022 the membership of the Association voted unanimously to change the rules regarding fishing along the Collingham Angling Associations stretch of the rivers Trent and Fleet.

This decision was not taken lightly by the membership and follows a year in which we have seen an increase in complaints, made against the club by local farmers (many of which we rent land off), local walkers, fellow club members and the general public.  

Complaints have ranged from:

  1. An increase in the amount of human faeces left along the bank, on

walkways, in our neighbour’s field and surrounding areas.

  1. An increase in general litter left by anglers from beer cans, discarded

fishing equipment to barbeques left along the bank, black bags of rubbish left in the surrounding local dykes and hedgerows or in the local villages.

  1. Dogs off the lead or un- tethered, pestering other anglers or users of the

public rights of ways and other walk ways.

  1. Children being left to play unsupervised along the bank sometimes on

bikes with parents / guardians seemingly unaware of the dangers of the river (particularly as our stretch is tidal). 

This situation simply could not be left to continue and has already led to one club being banned for life from all Collingham waters. 

With effect from the 16th June 2022, the membership has voted unanimously to ban night fishing or overnight stays for non-members.  Fishing will now only be allowed between sun rise and sun set.  We understand that we have a lot of guests that respect our waters and rules and have been coming to our part of the Trent for a number of years to enjoy the sport.  We fully appreciate that it’s the stupidity of a few that has spoilt it for the majority, however, we must act before it gets any further out of hand , or we risk losing some of our rights of access or even worse a child gets into trouble in the river.

We truly hope that those anglers that use and enjoy fishing along our stretch of the Trent and Fleet will continue to come and we will of course welcome you as we have always done.  Our web-page will be update to include a list of all local B&B’s and local camp site as well as displaying the official sunset / sunrise times.